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Immunotherapy drugs have become an important strategy in the treatment of cancer over the past decade or so. They've contributed to major improvements in patient survival, but they also have new toxicity profiles, making it vital to recognize imaging manifestations of adverse effects.

Along with CT and MRI, PET/CT is developing a valuable role in this area, and researchers from Madrid have shared their experiences in a prize-winning piece of work. You can find out more in today's top article.

In another story, authors from Australia have described a rare finding discovered during a prostate cancer restaging PET/CT scan -- a pulmonary tumor embolism. The case underscores the importance of high-quality prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) radiotracers for detecting incidental findings, they stated.

Subtle differences in how PSMA radiotracers perform in patients prior to Pluvicto treatment may determine which ones become the future tracers of choice, according to a research team in Cologne, Germany. Significant differences were observed in terms of contrast-to-noise ratios.

Meanwhile, another German group has found that Gallium-68 FAPI-PET/CT imaging -- a highly accurate experimental approach for detecting cancer -- may further improve outcomes for patients undergoing radiation therapy. It noted that the technique detected numerous malignant lesions not visible on standard imaging and helped radiation oncologists plan more accurate therapy.

It's hard to believe ChatGPT was only launched 10 months ago. It continues to attract great interest, but what applications does the language model-based chatbot have in molecular imaging? A group from the Charité in Berlin have provided some answers in a novel study.

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