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A shutdown of the High Flux Reactor medical radioisotope plant in Petten, the Netherlands, put global supplies of molybdenum-99 in jeopardy. This development was worrying for many.

To get the latest news, we interviewed Erich Kollegger, head of Nuclear Medicine Europe's Security of Supply Working Group, who allayed fears that supply issues could result in the loss of crucial daily treatment for thousands of patients. Read our article posted today for the full story.

Meanwhile, PET imaging's stalwart isotope F-18 continues to reveal new stripes. Australian researchers have reported that the clinical utility of a new F-18 fluoroestradiol PET tracer is evolving rapidly in problematic cases of breast cancer.

For more on PET imaging, have a look at some of our other coverage:

In other news, molecular imaging took center stage in late January at Arab Health in Dubai. World expert Dr. Hedvig Hricak presented the Sir Godfrey Hounsfield lecture at the meeting's Total Radiology Conference section and discussed how molecular imaging will prove essential for developing the field of precision oncology in the coming years.

Also, the fourth edition of the 2022 EuroMinnies annual awards scheme has entered its final phase. The winners will be announced on 17 February, and molecular imaging pioneer Prof. Gabriel Krestin is a finalist in the Most Influential Radiology Researcher category. See who made the cut for the finals, and log back on tomorrow to learn who won.

We've highlighted here only a few of the reports posted in the Molecular Imaging Community. For the full list, see the lineup below.

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