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CT is the gold standard in the acute setting enabling hemorrhagic stroke exclusion and early ischemic change detection. That's one of the central messages of new award-winning work from a group in Santander, Spain.

The researchers have shared their clinical experiences with the growing number of young stroke patients, including two case reports. They've outlined how best to use CT and other imaging modalities. Don't miss this informative and practical report.

Following a protracted tribunal that ended on 19 April, a radiologist was struck off the U.K. medical register for misconduct that involved the use of CT in interventional procedures and subsequent dishonesty. You can get the full details in our article.

Large studies such as the Dutch-Belgian Lung-Cancer Screening Trial (known as the NELSON study) have shown that lung cancer screening reduces mortality. New data have now come from a program in the U.S.

CT imaging reveals the influence of blood glucose levels on the severity of COVID-19, researchers have found. They concluded that the quality of blood glucose control significantly correlated with patients' CT severity score, with higher blood glucose measured translating to higher severity of COVID-19's lung effects.

Radiation protection remains a major concern in interventional radiology, but a welcome development has come from Germany. A free virtual reality app offers the opportunity to learn and practice the correct behavior of medical staff and the proper use of protective devices.

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