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At the recent ECR meeting in Vienna, there was much ado about photon-counting CT (PCCT), with presenters lauding the technology for its ability to produce high-quality images at lower radiation doses compared with conventional CT exams.

A study conducted by a team led by Prof. Martine RĂ©my-Jardin, PhD, of the University Centre of Lille, France, found that PCCT reduces radiation dose for coronary CT angiography (CCTA) by 50% and cuts exam time by 75% -- findings that are good news for patients, especially those who may have to undergo multiple CT exams.

Next, take a look at our recent coverage, much of it from the ECR, on a variety of CT research findings. Find out why other teams of investigators are singing the praises of PCCT, even calling it a "game changer" for the modality; check out our video interview with Dr. Thomas Ruder from Bern, Switzerland, on forensic imaging; learn how a relatively simple, computer-based training can improve radiographers' ability to accurately identify COVID-19; and discover what researchers have to say about why contrast-enhanced conebeam CT shows promise for breast biopsy,

When you've perused our ECR reportage, take a look at our coverage of a study archeologists conducted using CT that illuminated how a French aristocratic woman stabilized her loose teeth using gold wires -- a solution that, although innovative, likely made her condition worse.

CT is an important part of the imaging toolkit, and we invite you to stay up to date on its many benefits by regularly visiting our CT Community. And if you have CT topics you'd like to consider, please contact me.

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