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Spectral CT is not a new technology, but it has received renewed attention over recent years because vendors have developed novel spectral imaging tools that they are promoting quite strongly.

This means a German study published on Monday by European Radiology is bound to generate considerable interest, particularly because a respected group in Heidelberg headed up by Prof. Hans-Ulrich Kauczor has conducted the research. Don't miss our report.

Another important study that deserves a close look was published recently in the European Journal of Radiology. Having evaluated pulmonary nodules, investigators from Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan found that ultrahigh-resolution CT can be used to improve image quality without increasing the amount of data.

Thoracic imaging specialists with a strong knowledge of CT have been in great demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Mathias Prokop, PhD, is one of Europe's leading experts in this field. What's his department's approach to the disease? Find out more in this exclusive interview. Also, if you missed our coverage of his group's paper about the COVID-19 Reporting and Data System, make sure you catch up.

There's a vital need for all CT users to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus during patient examinations, but European practitioners appear to be taking a different approach to how rigorously they disinfect the scanner. To find out more, we sought the views of five experienced radiographers.

Meanwhile, new details have emerged from the Middle East about the clinical features of COVID-19 that manifest on chest CT in patients who are severely ill. The information has come in a study published on 20 April in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging.

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