Enhancing your job prospects; lung cancer screening gets boost; breast cancer in the Middle East

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The job market for newly qualified and trainee radiologists appears to be tightening in parts of Europe. Given the austerity measures of some governments and renewed talk of economic difficulties in the Eurozone, unemployment is an increasing possibility.

We interviewed the chairperson of the Radiology Trainees Forum, Dr. Viola Koen, about the current and future situation, and she had some useful advice. Read more here.

Lung cancer screening received a major boost last week, when the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved CT lung cancer screening, but important obstacles remain and it's essential to proceed with caution, emphasize experts from Nottingham, U.K. To read more, go to your CT Community, or click here.

Opponents of mammography screening have been extremely vocal of late in Europe. In the Middle East, however, the problems faced by the screening advocates are considerably greater. Cultural and socioeconomic issues are restricting the implementation of screening in the region, and a concerted, large-scale education and awareness campaign is urgently needed, say experts from Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Go to our Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Rapid advances in head and neck imaging have occurred over recent years. Dr. Florian Dammann, chair of the German Radiological Society's Head and Neck Diagnostics Working Group, explains more about this subspecialty in an a interview article we have posted this week. Get the details here.

In the U.K., many patients are waiting more than 30 days to receive the results of x-ray, CT, and MRI scans due to a chronic shortage of radiologists, says the Royal College of Radiologists. Click here to learn more.

Also, make sure to visit our AuntMinnie Middle East sister site for an article on a novel program in Morocco to screen pregant women with ultrasound. You'll find that article by clicking here.

As part of our buildup to the 100th annual RSNA meeting in Chicago, we have an article about the main changes in terms of the technology and industry. To find out more, click here. And don't forget to visit our sister site, AuntMinnie.com, for in-depth precongress roundups in its Road to RSNA series.

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