Italy's new CT audit; Stefan Wirth on emergency radiology; PACS archiving

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At first glance, the new survey of Italian CT practice doesn't exactly look like a thrilling read. The 15 pages are packed with comprehensive charts, graphs, and statistics -- and yet more statistics. But the tome does contain important information, and the audit looks certain to have ramifications for the rest of Europe.

We've summarized the key findings for you. Go to our CT Digital Community, or click here.

Modern CT scanners have transformed emergency medicine over the past decade, and radiologists are now major players in patient care. Dr. Stefan Wirth from Munich has considerable experience in this area, and you can read an interview article with him by clicking here.

French hospitals produce many terabytes of data per year, and storing this information requires vast archiving space that can be expensive. To address the issue, the French Society of Radiology's informatics working group has produced some good practice recommendations. Find out more in our Healthcare Informatics Digital Community, or click here.

Uncertainly remains over the exact role of contrast-enhanced MRI of the breast in patients who have known breast cancer and are eligible for breast-conserving therapy, but the subject might become clearer after new Dutch-led research into the added value of preoperative breast MRI. Visit our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

Dutch authors have also been making headlines in cardiac imaging. A group from the University of Groeningen has found dual-source CT scanners provide accurate measurements of iodine concentration across a wide range of cardiac CT protocols with the use of dual-energy CT myocardial perfusion imaging. Get the story here.

Finally, we have a report by contributing writer Rabia Mughal about how staff at Dubai Hospital are addressing the growing concerns over radiation dose. Click here to learn more, and watch this space for more information about this emerging region.

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