Roberto Passariello's life; being pedantic isn't bad; new breast elastography method

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

It seems everybody has their favorite story about Dr. Roberto Passariello, who died on 11 August. My own favorite is the spontaneous display of Greek dancing that he did with Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis during the Presidential Dinner at ECR 1999. They brought immense life and fun to the whole occasion.

As a special tribute to Passariello, we asked his Italian colleagues to share their memories of the man known simply as "Professore," and they responded with great enthusiasm. Go to our MRI Digital Department, or click here.

Success in radiology requires meticulous attention to detail. Such fastidiousness or pedantry can sometimes appear to be a negative quality, but Dr. Paul McCoubrie thinks we should celebrate this and regard it as a virtue. Get the story here.

The University of Heidelberg in Germany is a center of excellence for oncologic imaging, so new research from its breast unit about elastography is well worth a close look. You can do so by visiting our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or clicking here.

Meanwhile, U.K. radiologists are convinced that in addition to characterizing benign from malignant lesions, diffusion-weighted imaging can help predict and evaluate treatment response for rectal cancer and can play a central role in lesion characterization for evaluating metastatic disease. Click here to learn more.

CDA, or Clinical Document Architecture, is an important new information exchange standard that differs significantly from previous HL7 standards on messaging. We asked radiology informatics expert Herman Oosterwijk to explain. Go to our Health Informatics Digital Community, or click here.

Finally, don't miss our Case of the Week, which comes from Saudi Arabia. It features a 35-year-old woman who presents with abdominal pain and vomiting. She has a psychiatric history and has undergone an operation four times due to ingestion of hair. Click here to view it.

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