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Postmortem CT remains a red-hot topic. The first major French study has now been published, and it's likely to generate further interest in the technique's added value. The researchers assessed 236 postmortem CT scans performed at Rouen University Hospital from January 2006 to August 2011, and their findings are worth a close look. You can do so by going to your CT Digital Community, or by clicking here.

Important new research on CT colonography also was unveiled this week. Italian investigators found that women can be screened for colorectal cancer five to 10 years later than men, and this key finding in more than 7,000 patients could eventually translate into different screening recommendations based on gender. Get the story here.

CT's usefulness as a lung cancer screening tool is facing a threat from digital tomosynthesis it seems. Another Italian group thinks digital chest tomosynthesis has the potential to perform better and is much cheaper than CT. The researchers tested the hypothesis that a population of high-risk former smokers could be screened with tomosynthesis, with suspicious cases sent on to low-dose CT for further workup. To learn more, click here.

The long-awaited radiation survey from the Netherlands has shown that imaging sites in the country have moderate dose levels in CT compared with other European nations, but it also indicates a wide variability among the 21 hospitals in the study. Find out more here.

Finally, if you missed last month's article about the Australian megastudy on pediatric CT, you can click here for the full details.

Please see below for our complete list of recent CT-related articles and do continue to check back for more reports.

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