Virtopsy comes under scrutiny; Oslo tomo data; Tabár's new approach

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There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know. That was the view of former U.S. President Harry S. Truman, and I suspect our columnist Dr. Adrian Thomas would agree.

In his latest article, Dr. Thomas traces the origins of virtual autopsies, and he's unearthed some fascinating facts and images. Find out more in our CT Digital Community, or click here.

European Radiology has published an eagerly anticipated article about the initial results of the Oslo Tomosynthesis Screening Trial. This ongoing, population-based prospective study is being undertaken by the city's university hospital. Visit our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

In neighboring Sweden, Dr. László Tabár has released a new breast health book that's bound to attract attention, given his long-standing global reputation as a leading mammography educator. The book aims to bring the radiologist and pathologist to a common ground for a better understanding of breast morphology. Find out more here.

A novel technique aimed at mapping CT radiation dose individually for each patient is showing great promise, especially in obese patients, delegates were told during ECR 2013. Click here to learn more.

Free gas within the abdominal cavity is an important radiological sign, but it has many potential causes and necessitates rigorous investigation, Maltese and U.K. researchers have emphasized. CT can remove the uncertainty in such cases. Discover how by clicking here.

Last but not least, an Italian study has found that late-enhancement CT can replace MRI for preprocedural evaluation of myocardial scar in patients with ventricular tachycardia (VT). That's encouraging, because CT must replace MRI for preprocedural planning in many VT patients who have contraindications to MRI. Go to our Cardiac Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

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