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Kilovoltage (kV) is a very important factor in managing radiation dose and contrast in CT, but in clinical practice, kV adaptation can be complex and is often not applied within a specific protocol. It's vital to understand kV in standard scan protocols and adapt it in nonstandard individual patients and cases, according to researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Another Dutch center of excellence is the University of Groningen, and radiologists there have conducted some new lung research that is worth a close look. Find out more by clicking here.

CT didn't feature at all in the polyclinic at the 2008 Beijing Olympics; however, it played a minor but significant role in the London 2012 games, particularly when it came to image-guided interventions. The modality is likely to appear again at the 2016 Rio Olympics; to learn more about the organizers' early preparations, click here.

Choosing cardiac CT angiography first to assess chest pain is more cost-effective than initial stress myocardial perfusion cardiac MR for all but the highest-risk patients, according to a U.K. lecture at the recent Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance meeting. Get the story here.

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