Why all the fuss about molecular? Can cardiac MR replace nuclear scans?

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For several years now, the so-called experts have warned that molecular imaging (MI) will change clinical practice in fundamental ways, but not a great deal seems to have happened. Why has progress apparently been so slow? What do you really need to know about MI? And where exactly do we stand today?

To provide some vision and insight, we turned to Dr. Fabian Kiessling, joint head of the educational committee for the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC), which starts today in Dublin. As a respected radiologist who has built up a new research department devoted to MI, Kiessling is well placed to give some answers. For our exclusive interview, go to our Molecular Imaging Community, or click here.

The WMIC runs until Saturday, and science writer Cormac Sheridan is covering the event for us. He attended the opening day and his first article is about the growing clinical acceptance of MRI-HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound). To get the story, click here, and make sure you check back for further reports from Dublin.

Another important issue facing the global imaging community is whether cardiac MRI will replace nuclear imaging. This hot topic was addressed at last week's European Society of Cardiology annual meeting in Munich, and it aroused great interest and intense emotion. To read more, visit our Cardiac Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

Symptoms of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) include skin lesions, severely disabled impairment, and even increased mortality, so to ensure patient safety, it's vital to stay on top of NSF guidelines. The European Society of Urogenital Radiology has revised its guidelines, and you can click here to learn more.

Finally, Austrian researchers have found that an advanced reading technique can cut CT colonography interpretation times to a minimum by using computer-aided detection (CAD) first for polyp detection -- followed by the radiologist, who looked only at CAD results. Go to our Advanced Visualization Digital Community or click here.

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