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When it comes to diagnosing small-bowel disorders in the emergency room, CT rules supreme. This is confirmed by research from Portugal that was presented at the recent European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology annual meeting.

The presenters found that a variable pattern of intestinal wall morphologic and enhancement abnormalities can be identified with CT in small-intestine diseases, including inflammatory, vascular, mechanic, traumatic, and tumoral disorders. They urge physicians to become more familiar with the radiological appearances of different pathologies. To read more, visit your CT Digital Community, or click here.

Administering radiation to fit, healthy individuals is a constant concern in sports imaging, and that's one reason why CT didn't feature in the polyclinic at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But the modality's made a comeback and is among the impressive range of imaging equipment that will be used at London 2012 later this month. Get the story here.

Dr. Myriam Hunink, PhD, from Rotterdam's Erasmus Medical Center, is a highly respected researcher, and her group's latest CT angiography paper in the British Medical Journal is well worth a close look. For the details, click here.

Also, a German group has reported that dual-source coronary CT angiography showed high diagnostic accuracy for predicting the need for coronary intervention in what its investigators are calling the largest multicenter trial to date. For staff writer Rebekah Moan's article from last month's International Society for Computed Tomography's annual meeting, click here.

Danish researchers have found that incidental findings uncovered at low-dose CT lung cancer screening increase the overall yield of malignancies diagnosed from the annual exams for high-risk, asymptomatic patients, but their evaluation adds an additional layer of cost to such programs. Click here to learn more.

We'll have more news and analysis about CT over the coming weeks and months, so make sure you check back at your CT Digital Community.

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