Week in Review: Clinic-ready AI for Alzheimer's | Top tips for emergency CT | Clampdown on racism

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The development of viable AI technology remains frustratingly slow in some areas of clinical practice, but Alzheimer's disease identification is one field in which the software appears to be relatively advanced and there is good reason for optimism.

This week's top article provides a succinct and readable summary of how exactly AI can improve the care of Alzheimer's patients. Significantly, the authors won a prestigious magna cum laude award at ECR 2024 for their work.

How can you best avoid oversights in emergency use of CT? A group of trauma imaging experts have addressed this question and provided a list of 10 recommendations to improve radiologists' performance.

There's no room for racism in the workplace: that's the clear message sent out by two recent tribunals. In one case, a radiologist who trained in Antwerp, Belgium, was given a three-month suspension, and in another, a U.K. radiographer was struck off.

Ultrasound plays an increasingly valuable role in the diagnosis of respiratory conditions in newborns. Researchers from Paris have published new results in this area.

It's a busy time for congresses right now. Check out our report from the 37th national congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 May.

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Editor in Chief

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