Week in Review: Top 10 myths about radiology | Brain MRI scans at 11.7T | Maskell reflects on errors

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Over the years, numerous false beliefs have circulated about radiology, perpetuating misunderstandings, but now's the time for a concerted effort to debunk these myths. That's the view of Dr. Kalina Plamenova Chupetlovska, who's being mentored by Prof. Regina Beets-Tan, PhD, former president of the European Society of Radiology.

Chupetlovska has devised a list of the 10 most common myths. Get the full story in our news report.

A French-German research team generated massive interest in October 2021 when it produced 11.7-tesla MRI scans of a pumpkin. On Tuesday, the group revealed its first images of the human brain in vivo, and the development even caught the attention of the President of France.

Meanwhile, our regular columnist Dr. Giles Maskell was knocked off his bike a couple of years ago. He thinks the incident can tell us something about our approach to errors in radiology.

The findings of an important U.S. study about teleradiology and malpractice were published earlier this week, and they're of considerable relevance to many European readers too.

Cushing disease is characterized by small tumors in the pituitary glands, which cause them to secrete excess cortisol. MRI is inconclusive in up to 40% of cases, but PET/MRI can play a key diagnostic role, according to Dutch researchers.

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