Week in Review: Imaging advances in brain | Cartoons and contrast safety | RSNA looms large

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PET evaluation of how radiotracers perform in glioblastoma patients is generating considerable interest right now, as shown by a national trial underway in Australia.

The organizers recently presented the latest data from their multicenter trial assessing F-18 fluoroethyl tyrosine (FET)-PET for adult glioblastoma management. What were the key findings? You can learn more in our news report.

Also in the Molecular Imaging content area, researchers from Essen in Germany have assessed the accuracy of gallium-68 (Ga-68) FAPI-PET in patients with pancreatic cancer. They found high detection rates and diagnostic accuracy, as well as superior performance to standard imaging.

RadioComics first caught our attention in 2019. This artistic bunch from Bern, Switzerland, uses cartoons to illustrate serious issues in radiology, and it has just released a new cartoon about contrast safety. Get the full story in the CT content area.

Meanwhile, photon-counting CT continues to make relentless progress. Our latest article on this exciting technology focuses on a new study conducted at University Hospital Würzburg in Germany.

RSNA 2023 opens its doors in Chicago on Sunday, and the editorial team of our sister site AuntMinnie.com will be there to cover the congress. Check out our preview coverage here. Each major modality has a round-up, the most recent being the Road to RSNA 2023: MRI Preview. Make sure you log on for our live coverage from 26 November.

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