Affibody plans to highlight PET agent data at EANM 2023

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Affibody has announced it will unveil data at the upcoming European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) 2023 annual meeting that shows the potential for its PET imaging agent ABY-025 to predict therapeutic response.

The phase II study, which took place at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden, was part of Affibody's radiopharmaceutical program. It investigated whether Ga-68 ABY-025 for noninvasive quantification of HER2 status in solid tumors by PET/CT could successfully monitor early treatment response in both primary breast cancer planned for neoadjuvant chemotherapy and metastatic breast cancer.

The data will be presented on 12 September by Dr. Jens Sörensen from Uppsala University. The title of the presentation is, "HER2-targeting [Ga-68] ABY-025 PET Predicts Early Metabolic Response in Metastatic Breast Cancer."

Additionally, a second presentation related to Affibody's radiopharmaceutical program will be presented at the same session, titled, "HER2-specific Affibody Molecule [Tc-99m] ZHER2:41071: phase I clinical trial." Affibody said this will highlight the results of a phase I study investigating the use of a single-photon emission computed tomography ("SPECT") imaging agent to assess HER2 uptake.

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