How serious are work pressures in imaging?

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The Imaging and Oncology Forum has released a statement about the work pressures imaging providers are experiencing in the U.K.

"The multidisciplinary workforce for imaging services, in common with many parts of healthcare, is in crisis," the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) said in a statement released on 3 November.

"There is increasing reliance on agency staff and vacancy rates are on average 10% with some services and specialities experiencing vacancies of 12.6%. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are persistent and add to the pressure on workforce ... [and] staff members are increasingly exhausted and unable to take periods of leave," it noted.

The Imaging and Oncology Forum is urging U.K. government, healthcare policymakers, and hospital management teams to recognize the problem and take action to mitigate it by increasing training opportunities for imaging providers and boost the use of technology that can relieve imaging work pressure.

"The Imaging and Oncology Forum calls on U.K. Health Departments, policy bodies, and hospital boards to act immediately to manage those elements of service demand that are within their control, particularly through a relaxation of pressure to maximise bookings of elective and non-urgent cases," the group said in the statement.

"We further request urgent attention in all healthcare provision to support staff health and wellbeing, including through ensuring regular and adequate breaks from work, guaranteeing provision of annual leave and support for any affected by illness," it said.

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