Week in Review: MRI safety under scrutiny | Vaccine-related axillary adenopathy | News from BIR annual congress

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Teamwork lies at the heart of so much in medicine, including MRI safety. That was the central message of a well-organized and informative talk given recently by the head of MR physics at a large London hospital. Without a multidisciplinary effort, patient safety cannot be guaranteed, he said.

Also covered in this week's top article is the U.K.'s investigation into safe scanning of cardiac implantable electronic devices. Find out more in the MRI Community.

Cases of vaccine-related axillary adenopathy look set to rise sharply again, as COVID-19 booster programs are rolled out across Europe. Experts from London and Los Angeles have given practical and timely advice on the optimum use of imaging in this area. Get the full story in the Women's Imaging Community.

Radiologists have allowed the link between themselves and patients to become very tenuous, and they have almost hidden behind clinicians, according to Dr. Giles Maskell, our regular columnist. Don't miss the news report on his thought-provoking keynote at the annual congress of the British Institute of Radiology (BIR).

Another visionary lecture at the BIR meeting was given by Prof. Paul Sidhu, who urged radiologists not to abandon ultrasound or regard sonographic exams as a chore. If they do this, there will be no turning back, he warned.

Our final article from the BIR covers a talk by German physicist Thomas Flohr, PhD, about the clinical benefits of photon-counting CT. The technology is advancing rapidly in both cardiovascular and thoracic imaging, he said.

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