Prost! Munich Oktoberfest gets a CT scanner

2022 09 22 22 05 3253 Germany Oktoberfest 400

A CT scanner equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect head injuries has been installed for the first time onsite at the Munich Oktoberfest and is being held from 17 September to 3 October.

A team from the department of radiology at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Hospital in Munich is on hand to triage patients at the festival's first-aid area. Visitors with bleeding head wounds or other head injuries can be imaged directly onsite and do not have to be taken to an emergency room of a hospital by ambulance, LMU Hospital representatives said.

The AI technology is being delivered by deepc, LMU Hospital´s partner. The vendor has provided the AI platform on which the package from French company runs.

"The implementation of AI at the Oktoberfest CT scanner mirrors the combination of tradition and innovation that is so characteristic for Munich and Bavaria," said Prof. Dr. Jens Ricke, chair of radiology at LMU Hospital.

The number of emergency admissions in Munich increases by around 30% during Oktoberfest, according to Munich's Rescue Service.

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