Week in Review: Tributes flow in for Kees Vellenga | Prokop's view on AI | Irish innovate on chest x-rays

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Dr. Kees Vellenga, PhD, was a versatile and special person, according to his Dutch colleagues. Not only was he a dedicated radiologist but also he excelled as an equestrian rider, and his final wish was for his coffin to be transported in a carriage drawn by two black horses.

We've posted a tribute article about the achievements of this remarkable man.

Prof. Mathias Prokop, PhD, is president of the Dutch Society of Radiology and one of Europe's top researchers in thoracic imaging, so it was intriguing to find out his views on artificial intelligence (AI). Don't miss our exclusive Q&A interview with him. Learn more in the CT Community.

Many junior doctors find chest radiograph interpretation challenging, and quite often they make diagnostic errors. This has prompted Irish researchers to get creative when it comes to teaching trainees how to read a chest x-ray. What exactly is their approach? Find out in the Digital X-Ray Community.

Meanwhile, researchers from Israel have investigated whether an AI algorithm trained on PET/CT radiomics features can differentiate between metastatic axillary lymphadenopathy in breast cancer patients and FDG-avid reactive axillary lymph nodes in people who received COVID-19 vaccines. They've reported their findings in European Radiology.

Another highlight this week was our coverage of a Swiss study about the short-term effects of vaping and tobacco smoking. The authors hope their findings can boost clinicians' understanding of how these two activities affect users, providing them with another lung assessment tool.

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