RCR opens nominations for council positions

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Nominations are open for several roles on the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) council, including key positions on the clinical oncology and radiology boards.

There are six total vacancies on the council, which is charged with the management of the RCR. These include four for clinical oncology roles and two for clinical radiology roles.

All four vacancies for clinical oncology are for faculty board positions. The board manages the affairs of the clinical oncology faculty and is responsible for policy implementation. For clinical radiology, one position is for the faculty of the clinical radiology board and the other is for the clinical radiology specialty training board.

The nomination period closes on 29 April, with the election period opening on 16 May. The election period closes on 13 June. Nominees need to have the support of two RCR fellows.

Full details are available on the RCR website.

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