Week in Review: The life of a radiologist in 2030 | Breast MRI vs. contrast mammo | COVID's impact on screening

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Visionary lectures at congresses and webinars are a rarity these days. Most speakers tend to play it safe and stick to the past and present. Predicting the future is notoriously tough.

At this week's ECR Overture, Prof. Andrea Rockall took a glimpse into what a radiologist's job will be like in 2030. She based her analysis on the findings of a survey by the European Society of Radiology (ESR). Don't miss Erik L. Ridley's report in the Artificial Intelligence Community.

Which technique is best for breast screening of intermediate-risk women: breast MRI or contrast-enhanced mammography? Two Dutch experts presented their respective viewpoint in a special pros and cons session at ECR Overture. Discover the outcome in the Women's Imaging Community.

Another important ECR session looked at the pandemic's impact on screening and how the medical imaging community can adapt to today's environment. The panelists made it clear there are no easy solutions, but they agreed on the urgent need to keep trying.

The renal complications of COVID-19 are relatively neglected compared with thoracic, cardiac, and neurological aspects of the disease, so Wednesday's practical course on kidney imaging was very timely. Find out what Prof. Mathias Prokop and his fellow speakers had to say. Also, make sure you keep checking our homepage for further ECR coverage.

The tragic events in Ukraine have dominated everybody's thoughts since 24 February. Three radiologists in the country -- Prof. Olga Chuvashova, Dr. Iryna Vasyliv, and Dr. Mykola Novikov -- told us what life's been like since the invasion began.

We've also received numerous emails from Russian radiologists. Clearly they're feeling deep pain too, and all of them are desperate for war to end. We must keep hoping that sense will prevail.

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