ESR publishes statement on Ukraine and Russia

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The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has issued a statement to condemn acts of war in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to urge respect for medical neutrality and human rights.

Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger (Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors) and Prof. Dr. Regina Beets-Tan, PhD (ESR President) said the society's mission and unity become even more pertinent when the peace and safety of one of its member countries are at stake.

"Our heart goes out to all colleagues suffering at this moment," they said in the statement released by the ESR. "In times when nations abandon dialogue and diplomacy, medical societies like the ESR proudly stand up to their mission of building bridges and showing solidarity and unity in the interest of civil society and, in particular, Europe's patients."

The society also emphasized the need to preserve medical neutrality and human rights.

"Medical neutrality and human rights must not be disrupted by armed conflicts and the ESR strongly calls for these to be respected and preserved, and hospitals and medical centres spared from acts of aggression," Fuchsjäger and Beets-Tan said.

In particular, the ESR expressed their support for and solidarity with its colleagues in Ukraine, as well as with their patients.

"We pledge to offer every support within our power to maintain radiology services and education within Ukraine," Fuchsjäger and Beets-Tan said. "We will ensure maintenance of the ESR's educational offerings and tailored support programmes and call upon our members to engage in and support humanitarian aid programmes and upon international and national authorities to ensure observance of human rights, humanitarian law, and dignity."

The full statement is available on the ESR website.
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