SoR unveils research grants for radiographers

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The U.K. Society of Radiographers (SoR) has announced multiple funding opportunities, including one with a deadline to apply that is fast approaching.

The United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology (UKIO) is offering attendance grants for its congress, which is being held from 4 July to 6 July in Liverpool. The deadline to apply is 25 February. To learn more, visit here.

Other upcoming funding opportunities include the following:

  • Royal College of Radiographers (CoR) Doctoral Fellowship Grant (deadline 4 April)
  • College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS) Student Research Award (deadlines 4 April and 3 October)
  • CoRIPS Research Grant (deadlines 4 April and 3 October)
  • AI Radiography Research (deadline 29 April)
  • Overseas Conference Grant (Legacy Fund) (deadlines 29 April and 3 October)

To learn more about any of the opportunities, visit the CoR.

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