Radiographers assess AI's impact on clinical practice

2018 08 28 18 59 9066 Artificial Intelligence Ai 400

The U.K. Society of Radiographers (SoR) has published analysis of the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) and how the technology is affecting radiography.

AI remains somewhat of an enigma to many radiographers, with the appearance of complexity compounded by the variety of ways in which AI may be used within medical imaging and radiotherapy, said Dr. Tracy O'Regan, professional officer for clinical imaging and research for the SoR.

"AI is beginning to be implemented in different imaging modalities with different rates of adoption; varied experiences of practitioners depending on the clinical, education or research setting in which they are based; changing experiences and needs of the people present within clinical imaging and radiotherapy departments; and an accelerating rate of innovation as part of the digitalisation of healthcare, hastened by the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic," she wrote.

The SoR’s Artificial Intelligence Advisory Group has opened a twitter account @SoR_AI_Advisory as one method to share information and update SoR members about projects. Work planned for 2022 includes the development of a new SoR webpage, dedicated to keep members updated about AI, AI education and evolving AI matters for SoR members, O'Regan added.

Further details are available on the SoR website.

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