'Sherlock Vogl' stars in Frankfurt crime movie

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The renowned German radiology researcher Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl has put on a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and tweed scarf to star in a new video about a spoof murder that takes place on the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt.

In the "Tatort Radiology" episode, Vogl investigates what is believed to be his hardest case to date, which requires forensic-radiological skills and teamwork to solve the problem. He is joined by German actor Joe Bausch.

Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl (center) and German actor Joe Bausch (left) star in the new video production.Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl (center) and German actor Joe Bausch (left) star in the new video production.

The 13-minute production was supported by the German Röntgen Society's forensic imaging working group (DRG's Arbeitsgemeinschaft Forensisch-Radiologische Bildgebung, AG FRB).

Tatort (meaning crime scene) is a German-language police television series that has been running continuously since 1970 with around 30 feature-length episodes per year, which makes it the longest-running German TV drama. The series is a collection of different police stories where different police teams each solve crimes in their respective city.

Vogl, who is head of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, was president of the 102nd German Radiology Congress, which finished on 8 November 2021.

You can watch the German-language video on the DRG website.

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