Cambridge group seeks 10K volunteers for breast cancer trial

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Researchers in Cambridge, U.K., are seeking to recruit 10,000 subjects to participate in a personalized breast cancer screening trial, according to an article published on 5 November in the Cambridge Independent.

"This is an opportunity to take part in one of the largest studies so far into how we find early-stage breast cancer," said Prof. Fiona Gilbert, professor of radiology at the University of Cambridge, who is leading the U.K. part of the study. "By taking a saliva sample and history from those selected on the trial, we can identify whether they are at higher or lower risk of developing breast cancer. Once we know this, we can tailor screening to their own personal needs."

The trial will explore whether personalized risk-based screening is more efficient and safer than the National Health Service's three-year screening program. The MyPeBs (My personal breast screening) trial aims to determine whether a more customized schedule based on risk factors will result in fewer false positives and late-stage breast cancer cases.

The study will be carried out across six countries and include a total of 85,000 volunteers. Women between the ages of 50 and 70 who have never had breast cancer can sign up for the trial here.

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