U.K. releases guidance on oncology record retention

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The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has commended recent guidance by National Health Service (NHS) Digital on record attention relating to oncology records and has also offered its own set of recommendations.

The RCR recommends, at a minimum, that the following records are retained until eight years after death:

  • Planning CT information in DICOM image format
  • Patient-specific photos and diagrams
  • Patient-specific measurements
  • Radiation dose and fractionation: both that prescribed and delivered
  • Plan construction information -- for example, field size, monitor units, etc.
  • 3D dose distribution information; dose/volume histogram information and dose to organs at risk
  • Independent dose/monitor unit verification
  • Imaging obtained during treatment verification
  • Systemic anticancer therapy delivered -- including drug name, dose prescribed and delivered, toxicities experienced, and supporting medications delivered

Further details are available on the RCR website.

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