Week in Review: Finding the winning formula in sports imaging | Janet Husband on 50 years of CT | Advances in placental MRI

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Sports fans across the continent must be getting excited. The Euros, Wimbledon, two golf majors, and (best of all) the Olympics are looming large.

To mark the beginning of this special period, our top story this week focuses on sports imaging. Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad gave a practical, informative, and timely talk at the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO 2021), and we have a report about his main advice. Find out more in the MRI Community.

Another highlight at the virtual UKIO was the plenary session about 50 years of CT. Prof. Janet Husband -- a legendary figure in cancer imaging and U.K. radiology -- described how she first realized about the modality's huge clinical potential. Don't miss her insight and wisdom.

Placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) disorder -- or abnormally invasive placenta -- occurs when the placenta does not detach spontaneously after delivery and cannot be removed without causing massive bleeding. The incidence is rising fast due to increasing rates of cesarean delivery, which is a risk factor for PAS in later pregnancies.

Researchers from Sheffield, U.K., have conducted an in-depth study of this clinical condition, and they presented their findings at UKIO 2021. Head over to the Women's Imaging Community for the full story.

Why all the fuss about low-field MRI? This question has cropped up regularly in chatrooms and webinars over the past year or so. To provide some answers, we spoke with two Swiss enthusiasts about low field's benefits and what the future might hold.

Finally, we have an intriguing article about spinal surgery. A Singaporean group has reported that giving patients a four-legged walking stick to hold and providing a cushion for them to rest their heads on during slot-scanning digital radiography helps them to stay still and achieve maximum bending positions. It may be worth a try.

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