Radiographer designs x-ray table for trauma patients

2016 09 07 14 29 02 75 Emergency Entrance 400

A radiographer in Malaysia has played a central role in designing a bed that allows trauma patients to undergo imaging more comfortably, according to a report published on 31 March in New Strait Times.

Shamsul Kamal Mohamad Khair, who works at Selama Hospital, was inspired to design the SmartBED after seeing accident victims experience pain when being moved from a stretcher to a bed for x-rays.

"On numerous occasions, I had witnessed the difficulties faced by road accident victims who would complain of pain when they were being transferred from the stretcher to another bed for x-ray screening," said Shamsul Kamal. "Since that day, the initial design of the SmartBED has gone through improvements and changes for about 80 times to ensure that the medical equipment could help speed up matters and lessen the pain usually experienced among patients when transferring beds to undergo x-ray imaging."

The device was launched recently during Ministry of Health Malaysia's Innovation Day. The vendor is Medical Apparatus Supplies.

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