Adaptix unveils point-of-care 3D x-ray system

2021 03 25 15 35 2415 2021 03 25 Adaptix General Radiology 400

Adaptix, a tech startup based in Oxford, U.K., has revealed details of its point-of-care 3D x-ray system.

The chest imaging device promises mobile 3D imaging at the bedside for a cost and dose similar to existing 2D x-ray systems but better visualization than 2D x-ray of common conditions such as pulmonary edema, pneumothorax/hemothorax, and more confident localization of lines and tubes, the company stated.

2021 03 25 15 35 2415 2021 03 25 Adaptix General Radiology

The device's lower radiation dose offers the chance for more frequent follow-up 3D imaging, as well as the ability to acquire a 3D image without moving the patient from the bed. It reduces the need to transfer patients within the hospital to access 3D imaging and can lead to lower costs, less risk for the patient, less risk of infecting other patients, and no need for lengthy cleaning of a scanner after imaging an infectious patient, noted the vendor.

The device will be commercially available in 2022. Adaptix says it plans to bring to market "an addressable Flat Panel X-ray Source (FPS) with a multitude of individually addressable emitters with integrated power supply (known as a 'monoblock') – essentially we are 'digitizing' the source to complete the digitization of the imaging system."

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