Third Opinion AI reveals advances in COVID-19 pneumonia

2020 11 05 18 03 7196 3d Closeup Coronavirus 400

Russian-based Third Opinion AI has trained a neural network to detect the signs of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 with low-dose CT, according to a presentation at the OpenTalks.AI conference, held from 3 to 5 February.

Low-dose CT is currently used in Russia mainly as a way to detect lung cancer in its early stages and is more effective than a chest x-ray, noted Alex Gromov, the company's head of R&D, adding that the same may be true for COVID-19-related pneumonia.

The firm has used an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect lung lesions while also keeping the dose low for patients: 1.5 mSv versus the standard 7 mSv of CT.

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