Cochlear implant vendor makes MRI safety pledge

2021 02 04 17 49 1828 Cochlear Implant 400

MED-EL, based in Innsbruck, Austria, issued a statement on 2 February saying that it accepts liability for any damage that may occur to its bone and conduction implants and the current generation of middle ear implants during MRI exams.

The manufacturer says it offers a lifetime guarantee on its implants, and patients can undergo MRI scans without having to have the magnets removed surgically, according to the company.

"Three in four people will require an MRI scan in the next ten years," noted the vendor in a press release. "Whether routine or in an emergency: Patients with severe hearing loss may face a challenge if the magnets in their hearing implants are not safe inside the MRI machine. This requires the prior surgical removal of the magnets."

Hearing ability is temporarily lost and long-term damage to the implant may occur, and if the patient declines surgery, they may suffer from severe pain during the examination coupled with the possible dislocation of the magnet, MED-EL explained.

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