Week in Review: Tribute to cardiac pioneer Simon Rees | CT advances in lung transplantation | How to spot tired radiologists

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One of the aspects I love about radiology is the range of characters and eccentrics it seems to attract. Take Dr. Simon Rees, for instance. It says a lot about his importance and his varied interests that his obituary appeared recently in both the Times newspaper and Horse and Hound magazine -- two pillars of the publishing establishment in the U.K.

Many of you will know Rees' name from the textbooks he wrote, but he also helped out at Buckingham Palace, played a key role in an air disaster, and adored the sporting life. You can read more about his fascinating career in Dr. Adrian Thomas' latest history column.

Lung transplants have become far more common procedures over recent years, but they still represent a huge challenge. So much can go wrong for patients who undergo the operation, and imaging is vital, particularly in the many months of follow-up. A group of French experts that includes former ECR president Prof. Philippe Grenier has shared its experiences of these complex cases. Don't miss our news report in the CT Community.

Tiredness levels among healthcare staff must be rising fast as the pandemic continues, but how can you measure fatigue in radiologists? Belgian researchers believe they've developed an accurate technique, and they've unveiled their findings.

The Royal College of Radiologists has launched a new series of free podcasts called CRASH! -- Clinical Radiology Academics Speaking Honestly. The episode about how to conduct research is particularly good, and it includes three big names in U.K. radiology.

Finally, a team led by Prof. Evis Sala, a leading researcher in genitourinary and cancer imaging, has published an intriguing study about the use of a method that combines CT radiomics and real-time CT/ultrasound image fusion in ovarian cancer cases. Find out more in the Women's Imaging Community.

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