U.K. releases MRI safety information leaflet

2019 07 15 21 31 9496 Patient Safety 400

The U.K. Society of Radiographers (SOR) has released a leaflet containing key information that nonradiology hospital staff need to know about MRI scans.

The leaflet, "MRI safety for ward staff," provides two bullet point lists outlining what information the MRI department must know about a patient and how nonradiology staff should prepare a patient for a scan. It also contains information on the safety screening questionnaire and patient escorts.

"I urge MRI radiographers to download and share the leaflet with their ward colleagues," stated Alex Lipton, PhD, the society's professional officer for MRI, in a press release.

The list of information that the MRI department should know about the patient includes pregnancy status, allergies, and current infection risk. It also advises staff to prepare patients by removing piercings and jewelry and to ensure the patient has received pain relief medication before leaving the ward.

You can download the leaflet for free from the SOR website.

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