How has radiology education fared in COVID-19 pandemic?

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Training and education remain the prime focus of ECR, and on the eve of this year's congress, Prof. Dr. Laura Oleaga, PhD, speaks about how the European Board of Radiology (EBR) and her department in Barcelona have been affected by the pandemic. In this video interview, she also reflects on winning the top educator award in the 2020 EuroMinnies.

Additionally, Oleaga, who is chair of radiology at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and scientific director of the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR), looks ahead to the scientific program for ECR 2020 online, where she is hosting the "EDiR Quiz -- Challenge Yourself," to be held at 18:30 Central European Time on Sunday, 19 July. Further details are available on the ESR website.

To find out more about the EBR's updated schedule, which will include some coverage of molecular imaging topics, go to the calendar page on its website.

Philip Ward of interviews Prof. Dr. Laura Oleaga, PhD, about the impact of the pandemic.

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