Week in Review: Laszlo Tabar reflects on 50 years | Moscow's COVID-19 findings | Cinematic rendering advances

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I first met Dr. László Tabár at RSNA 1990. In a 90-minute refresher course, he captivated the huge crowd with his oratory, knowledge, and charm. He had an aura about him, and I could tell he was a master at engaging an audience and getting his message across. He was one of the most impressive speakers I've ever heard.

As you can see in a recent interview, Tabár still keeps extremely active, particularly in training and education. Driven by an unshakable belief in the value of breast cancer screening, he remains an ardent champion of mammography. Go to the Women's Imaging Community to read more about Tabár.

Moscow's 48 outpatient CT facilities have been very busy since April, performing over 170,000 chest CT scans and detecting more than 82,000 cases of COVID-19 pneumonia. Chief regional radiology officer Prof. Sergey Morozov and his colleagues have shared their experiences and spoken about their use of artificial intelligence.

Is cinematic rendering really superior to volume rendering and classic 2D postmortem CT? In a new study, a team from Düsseldorf University Hospital has addressed this question and presented a series of amazing images. You can view them in our Advanced Visualization Community.

Glioblastoma and brain metastasis can have similar clinical symptoms and appearance on MRI, and therefore they require histopathologic results to provide a definitive diagnosis. However, a team of researchers from Spain has found that the combination of MRI radiomics and a machine-learning algorithm can be highly accurate for distinguishing between these brain tumors.

A vast collection of silver coins and ingots, wooden chests, and a brass wine pot were recovered from the wreck of the Rooswijk (a so-called "retourschip" built for long journeys), which sank off the English coast in 1740. Now experts are using imaging to reveal more about these objects.

Also, this week we've added some new genitourinary questions to AuntMinnieEurope.com's Board Review. Please do check them out on our free study tool supported by the European Board of Radiology.

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