EU survey seeks input from radiopharmaceutical users

2019 03 18 21 52 0264 Eu Flag 400

A new survey requested by the Council of the European Union (EU) seeks feedback and information from users of radiopharmaceuticals and other therapeutic radionuclides.

The survey is being conducted by an independent research and consultancy group on behalf of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. The agency hopes to obtain insight into how therapeutic radionuclides are currently being used as well as to look into current or future supply and demand issues.

Experts on medical radionuclides for therapeutic use, including radiopharmaceuticals, are invited to participate in the survey. It is not on the use of sealed radioactive source and external radiotherapy, the research group noted.

The survey consists of two questionnaires on the use, supply, and production of radionuclides. Each questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete and will help improve the security of the therapeutic radionuclides supply in the EU.

More details are available on the Technopolis Group website.

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