Philips delivers helium-free MRI unit to U.K. hospital

Royal Philips, the parent company of Philips Healthcare, has provided its 1.5-tesla Ingenia Ambition X MRI system to the Poole Hospital National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust.

Poole is the first hospital in the U.K. to have access to the helium-free operation of Philips' Ingenia Ambition X, according to the vendor. The new MRI system is estimated to remove the need for 1,700 L of liquid helium, resulting in potential savings of more than 9 million pounds (roughly 10 million euros), the company said.

The Ingenia Ambition X is also designed to reduce scanning times by as much as 50%, without compromising image quality, Philips noted. In addition, the lack of helium means that the scanner is not limited for installation in rooms specially reinforced with a complex ventilation system.

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