Belgians issue conebeam CT dose guide

Researchers from Belgium have developed a pediatric radiation dose assessment guide covering five types of conebeam CT (CBCT) scanners used for dental and maxillofacial exams, which they outlined in an article published online on 1 July in European Radiology.

Multiple studies have shown there is large variability in the radiation dose values of CBCT scans, especially for children undergoing dental or maxillofacial exams, first author Andreas Stratis, PhD, and colleagues from University Hospitals Leuven noted.

To improve upon the consistency of CBCT exams, the researchers performed a simulation study that evaluated radiation organ dose and analyzed risk for the most common protocols in pediatric CBCT exams. The study results provide normalized data for CBCT radiation dose, allowing clinicians to determine organ dose and risk values for children of a specific age and for exams performed with five of the most widely used CBCT scanners.

"This work provides an extensive dose assessment guide for five dental CBCTs, enabling detailed dose assessment for every pediatric patient," the authors concluded.

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