Video from EuroSon 2019: Dr. Matthias W├╝stner on surgeons

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GRANADA, SPAIN - Surgeons must be willing and able to perform ultrasound exams. That's the view of surgeon Dr. Matthias W├╝stner, who is convinced that intraoperative ultrasound has an essential role to play in patient care. In a keynote lecture on Thursday at EuroSon 2019, he told attendees why and how surgeons need to get more involved and better qualified in this evolving area.

Now working as the chief physician in the Center for Radiology, Neuroradiology, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine at the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in Trier, Germany, W├╝stner explains in a video interview how he uses ultrasound and what excites him about the future of the modality.

Dr. Matthias W├╝stner from Trier, Germany.

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