Portugal, Norway collaborate on robotic 3D printer

Researchers from Portugal and Norway have built a large-scale robotic 3D printer capable of producing metal parts from all angles.

The robotic 3D printer uses six axes of movement and simultaneous simulation to enable real-time adjustments to the 3D printing process, according to scientists from the University of Coimbra and the Norwegian independent research organization SINTEF.

"Simultaneous simulation, which covers several variables and parameters, such as hardness, temperature, [and] phase changes in the material, allows to immediately correct any anomalies that may arise," stated project coordinator Norberto Pires, PhD, in an article by 3Dprintingindustry.com.

The group received funding for the project from the Portugal 2020 initiative and is currently collaborating with additional research centers in Germany, Austria, and Spain to expand their work in 3D printing.

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