U.K. awards Kromek 1.6M pounds for molecular breast imaging

The U.K. innovation agency Innovate UK has awarded radiation detection technology firm Kromek a contract worth 1.4 million pounds (1.6 million euros) for a three-year program to deliver a low-dose molecular breast imaging system based on the company's cadmium zine telluride (CZT) SPECT detectors.

Kromek will partner with the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust. The project commences later this year.

In the first phase of the project, Kromek will use developments in its CZT-based SPECT detector technology to reduce the required dose of radiation in molecular breast imaging. By partnering with breast cancer experts at the Newcastle Hospitals, Kromek said it will ensure the technology is tuned to clinical and patient needs. The system will subsequently be used in a pilot study with the Newcastle Hospitals.

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