Kromek gets funds to develop low-dose MBI technology

2023 01 31 22 25 9952 British 100 Pound Notes Bundles 400

Radiation detection technology firm Kromek has received 2.5 million pounds (2.83 million euros) from U.K. innovation agency Innovate UK to support development of a low-dose molecular breast imaging (MBI) system based on its cadmium zinc telluride-based SPECT detectors.

Two projects will be supported. In an 18-month project worth 500,000 pounds (566.9 million euros), Kromek will work to prove the feasibility of using a single photon detector for ultralow-dose MBI. The second project, worth 2 million pounds (2.3 million euros), is a three-year program that will aim to obtain and deliver clinical data on a low-dose MBI system. It will be conducted in partnership with Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and the University College London.

The two awards follow on a previous Innovate UK-funded project conducted by Kromek and Newcastle Hospitals, according to the vendor.

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