HyperMed gets CE Mark for new imaging system

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HyperMed Imaging received the CE Mark for its HyperView tissue oxygenation medical imaging system.

The HyperView system is a handheld, battery-operated, noninvasive, and portable diagnostic imaging device that is used to assess tissue oxygenation without contacting the patient. The system uses proprietary technology to capture a diagnostic image containing data for oxyhemoglobin levels, deoxyhemoglobin levels, and oxygen saturation in superficial tissue.

Clinicians may use HyperView to determine if a wound has adequate blood perfusion to heal or if a vascular intervention or additional therapy is needed to improve perfusion.

The HyperView imaging system. Image courtesy of HyperMed Imaging.The HyperView imaging system. Image courtesy of HyperMed Imaging.
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