Theraclion highlights HIFU research for Graves' disease

Therapeutic ultrasound technology developer Theraclion is pointing to a clinical trial with promising results from the use of its Echopulse high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for Graves' disease.

In a paper published online July 20 in Radiology, a research team from Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong reported that Echopulse may be a safe and efficacious method for treating patients with persistent or relapsed Graves' disease. Of the 30 patients treated with HIFU, 73.3% were still in remission 12 months after the procedure, Theraclion said.

The researchers also noted a significant decrease in autoantibodies and an absence of complications in terms of ophthalmic parameters and antithyroid antibody levels. In addition, they found that 96.7% of the patients completed the Echopulse treatment within one session and were discharged on the day of treatment, implying that HIFU is more cost-effective than surgery, Theraclion said.

The authors cautioned, however, that further study is warranted before this treatment can become mainstream.

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