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German researchers have found that orthopedic surgeons can achieve significant improvements to their workflow by using an iPad to access images, consult on cases with colleagues, and communicate imaging findings to patients. Click here for the details.

Is enterprise imaging on a slow road to mediocrity? It very well may be, according to Stephen Holloway of Signify Research.

In his latest column for, Holloway explores the dynamics of the imaging IT market that are effecting adoption of enterprise imaging, and he shares why the sector appears to be on a slow road to mediocrity for clinical content management capability. Learn more by clicking here.

You also won't want to miss another column from Holloway detailing the three things European radiology IT needs to get right.

Researchers in Israel recently reported on the potential for the popular WhatsApp global text messaging platform to help improve the management of pediatric orthopedic trauma cases. Reading images sent to smartphones via WhatsApp showed good agreement with the same images being read on a PACS workstation for pediatric orthopedic surgeons, according to our coverage.

ECR 2018 may still be six months away, but the central themes for the meeting are already taking shape. Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and radiomics look to be among the hot topics at the congress, according to our recent interview with European Society of Radiology President Dr. Bernd Hamm.

Despite all the hype over AI, there's absolutely no need to be worried about computers replacing radiologists, according to Dr. Dierk Vorwerk, deputy president of the German Radiological Society (DRG). Find out why not, and also learn about the DRG's new expert network, by clicking here.

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