GE places digital SPECT/CT system in Israel

GE Healthcare has installed its first general-purpose ultrahigh-resolution SPECT/CT system with digital detector technology in Israel.

Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel, is the recipient of the Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT system. The system has a digital detector based on cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) technology, which enables direct conversion of photons into a digital signal.

CZT technology has been limited to organ-dedicated devices, whereas Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT allows doctors to perform exams on every organ, including whole-body exams. GE believes the digital technology will enable the detection of smaller lesions and also quantify them more accurately.

The new SPECT/CT technology comes with tightly packed detectors, which allow increased proximity and flexibility when positioning the patient for the exam, so patients are not required to hold still in strenuous positions and they can tolerate the exam better, the firm added.

The system also allows for multiple-isotope exams, so physicians can simultaneously visualize and analyze multiple physiological processes in a patient, gaining insight into multiple dimensions of the patient's anatomy and physiology.

Rambam is a 1,000-bed academic hospital serving the more than 2 million residents of northern Israel.

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