Strickland's PACS lessons; mountain bike injuries; French study of voodoo dolls

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Trust nobody when it comes to PACS. That's the stark warning from Dr. Nicola Strickland, who admits staff had to confront major security issues at Hammersmith Hospital, which is located close to a large prison in West London.

It's 20 years since this famous old hospital went filmless, and to mark the occasion, we conducted a two-part video interview with Strickland this week. For the first installment, go to our PACS Community, or click here. The second part will follow next week and will focus on reporting networks, ECR 2016 in Vienna, and the future of digital systems.

Severe injuries from mountain biking appear to be increasingly common. Imaging plays a central role in the management of these patients, but the dilemma is which modality to use. To get some answers and practical guidance, visit the CT Community, or click here.

Radiography is being used more and more to examine archeological or ethnographical objects without damaging them. French researchers collected voodoo dolls from the Central Cemetery of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and used a flat-panel digital radiography system to examine the objects. Find out more in our Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

Most male breast conditions encountered in daily practice are benign, but it's important to bear in mind that eccentric breast masses as well as solid and cystic masses in men are usually suspicious and require action. Get the full details here.

The radioisotope technetium-99m is traditionally obtained via the decay of molybdenum-99, which is produced in a small number of aging nuclear reactors. The fragility of this supply line has prompted the investigation of alternative manufacturing methods. For the full story, go to the Molecular Imaging Community, or click here.

Finally, the imaging community's attention is starting to turn to ECR 2016, and there's positive news this week about registration for the congress. Click here to learn more.

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